Let’s Go {Book} Clubbin’

Hey all. It’s finally time!! We have been talking with a crazy awesome local author for MONTHS about this book club, and finally…FINALLY…we have it on the schedule– The Evolution of Mom’s online book club! We’ve teased it plenty, and now it’s time to come right out and tell you all about our mystery author. Her name is Jennifer Goraczkowski, and her first book, Crystal Dawn, has been a smash hit. If you don’t believe me, just go check out the reviews on Amazon. They’re fantastic! Here’s a little teaser:

crystal dawn

“With today’s technology, it’s so easy for children to endanger their lives and not even know it, but Cami Meyers does. As a detective for the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, or ICAC, Detective Meyers fights every day to keep them safe. When a young girl from Utah is kidnapped, Cami discovers there is more to this world than she thought. Werewolves and vampires, the creatures of horror movies, really do exist. With the loss of her family in a horrific auto accident, a decision is made to save Cami’s life, one bite that will change her forever. Torn between what’s left of her human life and the new family of werewolves she’s been thrown into, Cami weighs her loyalties and decisions are made that surprise even her.”

Her second book in the series, Perfect Betrayal, is due out in October, just in time for you to pick up when we’re done with book one.


We also happen to love Jennifer because she’s a mom of FIVE children (six if you count the additional teenager that she and her husband took in, and are now raising as their own!), who just decided one day that she was going to make her dream of being a writer come true, and then didn’t stop until it happened. She also happens to be a longtime follower of The Evolution of Mom, a fact that STILL has us geeked out. She’s a real freaking writer, people…awesomesauce.


And, if you’re not already sold on her awesomeness, try this on for size…

She’s giving away FOURTEEN copies of her book to TEOM book club readers. That includes twelve e-reader versions, and two signed paperbacks. And, one lucky book clubber is going to get a super duper exclusive signed copy of book two more than a month before it’s released.

Want the details on how to get a free book? All you have to do is drop by her Facebook page and let her know how excited you are to be reading Crystal Dawn. We’ll draw fourteen winners at random prior to the start of the club. We’ll share the details on how you can win book two after we’ve gotten underway. I think in all the excitement, I may have forgotten to mention what is possibly the best part of this whole thing– Jennifer herself will be leading our book club discussion! That means, if you want to delve into the characters lives or backstory, plot, themes, or just have burning questions, you’ll get answers straight from the woman who knows these characters best. How often can you get that from a book club?!

Next Wednesday, 8/14, we will draw winners for the books, and announce them both on our Facebook page, and hers. If you’re dying to win one, be sure to check periodically, so you don’t miss the announcement. On Thursday, 8/15, Jen will announce the first set of chapters, and share any key points you might want to pay attention to in those chapters. One week from that night, we’ll hold our first discussion using the comments section here on her TEOM posts. We will aim to get the posts up very early in the day, so that you can comment at your own convenience. We will follow the same process for subsequent weeks (every Thursday) until the book has been finished, and the discussion wrapped up.

We highly recommend subscribing to The Evolution of Mom using the RSS button on the right hand side of our page, so you’ll get emails about new posts, and won’t miss a book club post. The symbol looks like this:


Easy peasy. Want to read along? Want to win a free copy of the book? Want to win an exclusive advanced copy of book two? You know what to do! See you soon, book lovers!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go {Book} Clubbin’

    1. Shelly,
      Welcome aboard, and thank you for the kind words! We are so thrilled to have Jennifer hosting our next book club. Tate obviously has excellent taste :-)


    1. Shelly,
      Welcome aboard, and thank you for the kind words! We are so thrilled to have Jennifer hosting our next book club. Tate obviously has excellent taste :-)


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