Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

It’s that time of year!  Time for overnight guests and stress!  With some planning ahead, having overnight guests can be a piece of cake.  Here are a few of our best tips on being a great host to overnight guests.  Trust me, they’ll want to come back.

Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Plan Ahead-Talk to your guests ahead of time and find out if they have allergies.  What are their favorite snacks? Do they have a favorite brand of wine or beer? Buy some!  Do they have little ones? Buy diapers ahead of time so they don’t have to schlep them to your house. Do they need a pack and play for the littles? Have one available so they don’t have to travel with it.  Do they have littles that need toys?  Pick up a few or borrow some from a friend to keep the kiddos entertained.  Hit the Redbox for a few movies, just in case the kids need some downtime.

If your guests are going to be staying for several days, jot down what you’d like to do and what your meals will be for each day. This is flexible and can be changed, but at least you have a good idea of what your time will look like. Get groceries before your guests come.  You won’t want to waste your time at the grocery store.  This is a time and money saver.

The guest room-Always, always make sure the sheets are freshly washed…even if the room hasn’t been used in a while. Add an extra blanket and make sure there is room in the closet and hangers for them to hang their clothes. Is there an extra drawer for them to store their items in? Keep a pad and paper in the drawer in the guest room. Make sure you have some kind of reading material. Magazines are great for this.

The bathroom-Make sure the restroom is fully stocked with toiletries including disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors and tampons.Double check the shower/tub and make sure the soap, shampoo and conditioner are full.   Keep extra tissue under the sink AND a plunger. Nothing is more embarrassing than a guest having to ask for a plunger. Avoid the awkwardness and have one available.  If you have a spare hairdryer, put that in the linen closet or vanity.

House quirks-Does your house have any weird quirks? Is your shower difficult to turn on? Show them how. Does your dog prefer not to be bothered? Make sure you share that with them.  Toilet handle need jiggled?  Do you have a pet that’s a runner when the door gets opened?

Spares-Keep a spare set of keys handy for your guests if they are coming and going OR give them the garage door opener or keypad code.

Snacks-Make sure you tell your guests to help themselves to snacks and drinks. Do you keep your beverages in a separate refrigerator? Maybe you have a special drink refrigerator in the garage. Make sure you tell them!

Plan for messes-There are bound to be messes. Wrap your mind around that. It’s just life, especially if kiddos are involved.   Make sure you have laundry stain remover and carpet stain remover in case you need them.  And if a spill does happen, just keep your cool.

Clean up as you go-It’s overwhelming having guests. It’s extra dishes, extra laundry…extra everything. If you clean up as you go, it’ll make it easier. Don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink. Run the dishwasher before bed and you’ll wake up to a clean slate each morning.

Plan for boo-boos- Someone is bound to get hurt or sick. Traveling is hard on us. We’re out of our normal element and routine. Plan for the occasional tummy ache, scrapes, bruises and headache. Make sure you keep a first aid kit handy. Here are some tips for putting together an inexpensive dollar store first aid kit. Put it in a central location out of the way of the kiddos and let the adults know where it is. Make sure you have upset stomach medicine and something for headaches for both kids and adults. The adults can go there is they need something without having to ask you for it.

Passwords Smashwords-Write down WiFi , Hulu, and Netflix passwords. Your guests will appreciate it.

Relax and have fun-Don’t run your guests ragged. Make sure you plan for some down time at home. Maybe instead of going out to dinner one night, stay in and barbecue. It’s low stress, cheaper than eating out and it makes for great conversation. Do your guests like to play games? Plan a game night in.  Now, I said relax but that’s not code for get smashed.  There is nothing worse than a host that is stumbling drunk.  Have some cocktails, but if you’re at risk for wastey-face (yep, it’s a technical term), slow down and have some water and a snack.  Trust me on this one.  If your guests like the cocktails, make sure to have some sports drink in your beverage refrigerator for in the morning.

There you have it….My tips for being a great host to overnight guests.  If you plan ahead, having guests can be enjoyable..for everyone…instead of a nightmarish scene from a Christmas movie.  Now pass the eggnog.


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Coffee Can Snowman Hat-DIY

Every year we have a craft get together between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year,  our family was assigned the task of coming up with the “big craft” for the party.  Let me tell you, this is no small task.  There have been SO many great crafts that I wanted to make sure that ours was up to snuff this year.  And….it’s a party with about 20 people so it has to be easy and high impact.  I think this year’s craft fits the bill.  I LOVE snowmen.  I’m a winter person more than Christmas person so this…is…perfect.

Coffee Can Snowman Hat


The most difficult thing about this craft is finding the coffee cans.  Everything seems to come in plastic now.  Another option is large canned food cans.  If you have a buddy that works at a restaurant, you’re in luck!


Record (Find them at the thrift store)

Coffee can

Black spray paint

Hot glue

Scrap of fabric

Floral pics, pinecones, garland etc (Use your imagination)

Snow-Tex (In the acrylic paint section of the craft store)


1)  Make sure your can is clean and dry and spray it with black spray paint.  Let it dry.

2)  Attach coffee can, open side down on a full-sized record and let dry.


3)  Cut an approximately 4 inch wide strip of fabric and tie around your can.  Make sure the seam of the can is in the back.  Where the fabric ties is where you are going to add your embellishment so make sure to keep that in mind.  When you get the fabric positioned how you like it, put a little hot glue on it to keep it in place.  Once it’s attached, I eyeballed where I wanted my berries and pinecones…but didn’t attach them quite yet!

Attacn Sprigs3)  Embellishment time!  First, start with your garland.  I had some in the basement that hadn’t been used in a LONG time, so I just cut some small pieces off and hot glued them on.  They are wired so they can be positioned how ever I like them.

4)  Add the rest of your floral items and pine cones.  Don’t over do it!  Once everything is glued, let the glue dry.

Embellished5)  Add Snow-Tex to the top of the hat and wherever snow might naturally fall on it.  It’s completely up to you where you’d like to put it.  Let it dry completley so you don’t get fingerprints in the snow.

SnowTex6)  I added a battery-operated candle on the brim of the hat.  Don’t glue it.  You’ll need to be able to turn it off and on.

7)  Voila!  Done!

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Momma Told Me {Link Party}

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